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The SPAZZ IS BACK….. After a little hill based tantrum.

Posted in Uncategorized by lagazzettadellabici on July 9, 2010

My little sister Spazzetta is back. I thought I had got rid of her after the Polka Dot Challenge but apparently she wants to ride her bike again.

Dear Spazzetta fans!
I’ve not posted for a while. My only child (Blackberry Curve 8900) died on the same day as my cycling spirit died. The day of the Polka Dot Challenge 6.6.10. I’m seeing British Cycling’s Psychiatrist Steve Peters about it and I’m on the mend. Basically the Polka Dot was harsh lesson in Hills, I put a new chain on a worn cassette the day before and basically couldn’t use my VERY MUCH NEEDED lowest 4 gears. I admit I cried. I swore some really bad swear words. I lay down at the side of the road somewhere in Buxton and begged Simon Lamb to leave me. He didn’t. If fact he danced up all the hills including a brutal 20% (actually it was 24% marcelle) before the feed station which was no longer manned by the time I got there! (Last on the road!) And then he rode back down them all again to collect me while I cried and told him I hated his guts. He just laughed and said ‘come on you are doing great’ Well if that isn’t real friendship I don’t know what the fuck is.

Here is a picture of my Polka Dot ‘Trophy’ which I can finally bear to look at. I said I’d never ride a fucking bike again. Its all lies of course and ill be at next years polka dot for a rematch.

Marcelle (Spazzetta)

Check out the full chronicles of Spazzetta over at her own grubby little website.

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