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It might be the TOUR but there’s always time for a little TOTO.



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Myself and a few others will be riding to HOG HILL this sunday to watch FABIO race here is the map, I aim to get to the circuit at around 11am so will be leaving the Richmond area at 9am. Please feel free to join us anywhere along this route.

Bike route 593780 – powered by Bikemap 

Bianchi Greats

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LAMPRE PETACCHI GREEN JERSEY, Petacchi, 2° a Bourg les Valence, è la nuova maglia verde

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Un secondo posto che non lascia l’amaro in bocca, ma che anzi lascia in dote sulle spalle di Alessandro Petacchi la maglia verde di leader della classifica a punti. Il corridore della Lampre-Farnese ha tagliato il traguardo della 11^frazione del Tour de France (Sisteron-Bourg les Valence, 184,5 km) alle spalle di Cavendish, il più veloce di tutto il gruppo nel concitato sprint finale (3° Farrar). Grazie ai 30 punti conquistati grazie al posto d’onore e a fronte dei 19 punti ottenuti da Hushovd (7° nella tappa), Ale-Jet è balzato al comando della graduatoria per la maglia verde con 161 punti (contro i 157 del norvegese).
La maglia gialla è ancora di Andy Schleck. La frazione è stata caratterizzata dalla fuga di tre corridori (Auge, Geslin e Benitez), azione neutralizzata dal gruppo in vista degli ultimi chilometri di gara, sotto la spinta delle squadre dei velocisti. Gli uomini della Lampre-Farnese hanno iniziato il lavoro di supporto a Petacchi attorno ai 10 km dall’arrivo, dapprima con Malori, quindi con Da Dalto, poi con Lorenzetto e Bole, per finire con Hondo, bravo a pilotare Ale-Jet fino ai 250 metri dal traguardo. Petacchi è uscito dalla ruota di Hondo non appena si è accorto che Cavendish aveva anticipato i tempi della volata: nonostante una buona rimonta, non ha potuto superare l’inglese.

“Cavendish e la sua squadra hanno svolto un ottimo lavoro: difficile batterli oggi, anche se pure noi della Lampre-Farnese abbiano messo in mostra meccanismi perfetti – ha commentato Petacchi – Dispiace non aver vinto, c’è però la gioia, da condividere con tutti i miei compagni, per aver ritrovato la maglia verde: provare a tenerla il più a lungo possibile è diventato un mio obiettivo”. “I nostri corridori hanno rispettato al meglio le consegne per il finale, decise nella riunione di stamattina – ha spiegato Piovani, ds della Lampre-Farnese – Forse la curva dell’ultimo chilometro ci ha un poco allungati ma, grazie anche all’esperienza di Hondo, Petacchi ha potuto impostare lo sprint in ottime condizioni. Cavendish è partito lungo, Alessandro ha provato a rimontare ma, nonostante un ottimo colpo di pedale, non è riuscito a superarlo. La maglia verde ci riempie comunque d’orgoglio”.

The second place obtained by Alessandro Petacchi in the 11th stage of Tour de France (Sisteron-Bourg les Valence, 184,5 km) is not bitter, instead it leaves on his shoulder the green jersey of leader of the points standing. Lampre-Farnese’s cyclist crossed the finish line in 2nd position behind Cavendish (3rd Farrar), who won a chaotic sprint. Thanks to the 30 points of the second place and considering the 19 points obtained by Hushovd (7th in the stage), Petacchi is the new leader of the points standing with 161 points (Hushovd 157). Andy Schleck is stil the leader of the overall standing. The stage was characterized by a three men breakway (Auge, Geslin and Benitez the protagonists), caught by the bunch before the hot final kilometers during which the sprinters’ team took the head of the race.
Lampre-Farnese began to work in support of Petacchi at 10 km to go: for first it was Malori’s turn, then Da Dalto’s one, then Lorenzetto and Bole led the bunch in the last 2 km and finally Hondo drove Petacchi to the final 250 mt.  Ale-Jet left Hondo’s stream as soon as he saw Cavendish anticipating the beginning of the sprint, and so he tried a recovery that anyway didn’t allow him to overtake the British sprinter. “Cavendish and his team performed a perfect sprint: it was very difficult to precede them, even if Lampre-Farnese’s work was very good – Petacchi commented – I’m sorry I didn’twin, but I’m happy for the conquering of the green jersey: it’s a beautiful prize for my team mates effort and I’ll try to keep it with me as long as possible”. “Our riders performed in a good way the roles we had decided during this morning briefing – Piovani, Lampre-Farnese’s sport director, said – Maybe in the last bend we lost some positions, but, also thanks to Hondo’s skill, Petacchi could perform the sprint in the best way. Cavendish’s sprint was very long, Alessandro tried the recovery but he could not reach him. This green jersey is a pride for us”.

sito internet:

Bici Club Azzurro
via Magni 5
20040 Usmate Velate (MB)
tel +39 039 6889153

Giro Donne – Stage 9 – STELVIO!!!!

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Oh, Stelvio!  It’s this huge, beautiful Alpine pass, the highest paved road in Italy, with 39 hairpin bends and views to die for.  It’s a beast of a climb, totally legendary among drivers and cyclists – where better to have the penultimate, definitive, stage of the Giro Donne?

In theory there was everything to play for in this stage – Mara Abbott, the super-climber from Team USA was only 19 seconds ahead of HTC’s Judith Arndt, 1’05” from World Champion Tatiana Guderzo, 1’38” from cycling genius Marianne Vos and 1’41” from last year’s winner Claudia Häusler.  But in reality, only Cervélo’s Emma Pooley can touch Mara in the mountains – and with Emma 6’22” down on GC, after various bits of bad luck, including crashing in Stage 2 and puncturing in Stage 7, it was pretty clear that barring some terrible luck of her own, Mara would end the day in the maglia rosa.

But there was still the stage to win – and with 2 “warm-up” climbs before they even hit the bottom of the Stelvio, this would be the toughest stage yet in a race that’s nothing if not hard.

The race started with 2 laps in Livigno, before hitting the climbs at Trepalle and Foscagno.  Pooley attacked on th climbs, to grab the remaining Mountains points (she’d started the day on equal points with Abbott, and wanted that green jersey, if not the stage) – but she was dropped on the descent out of Foscagno, and when the front group, with all the favourites, started the huge climb of the Stelvio, she was a few minutes back.

But this is Emma Pooley, and she is a huge climbing star.  With the help of team-mate Carla Ryan, she caught the group, and immediately attacked, taking off into the distance, with only Mara Abbott able to follow her.  Mara and Emms duelled all the way to the top, while behind them, Arndt and Guderzo fought hard for the 2nd place in the GC – until with 2km to go, Mara gave it her all and attacked one last time – and this time Emma couldn’t follow.

Mara solo-ed up to victory, and barring disasters on Stage 10, to win the overall race.  Arndt ended up in 3rd spot on the stage, with Guderzo only 7 seconds behind her (and that was a stallr performance from those two).  Vos ended up losing 7’44”, but she’s the first to admit she’s not a pure climber, and ended the day with the Points and the Best Young Rider jersey.

Stage 9 results
1. Mara Abbott (USA) Team USA
2. Emma Pooley (GBR) Cervélo, + 27″
3. Judith Arndt (GER) HTC, + 1’43”
4. Tatiana Guderzo (ITA) Valdarno, + 1’50”
5. Tatiana Antoshina (RUS) Valdarno, + 2’58”
6. Evgenya Vyotska (UKR) Valdarno, + 3’27”
7. Claudia Hausler (GER) Cervélo, + 3’38”
8. Edwige Pitel (FRA) SC Michela Fanini, + 5’55”
9. Olga Zabelinskaya (RUS) Safi Pasta Zara, + 7’14”
10. Marianne Vos (NED) Netherlands, + 7’44”

So one more stage to go – a sprint stage – and it’ll be hard and fast, with all those teams that haven’t won a stage taking this one last chance – and chapeau to all the sprinters who got over the mountains!  This isn’t one of those racers like the Giro or the Vuelta, where the sprinters drop out once they start going uphill! These girls are hardcore!

Barring disasters, the GC will end up the same as it is now

GC after Stage 9
1. Mara Abbott (USA) Team USA
2. Judith Arndt (GER) HTC, +2’08”
3. Tatiana Guderzo (ITA) Valdarno, + 3’05”
4. Claudia Hausler (GER) Cervélo, +5’29”
5. Emma Pooley (GBR) Cervélo, + 6’23”
6. Evgenya Vyotska (UKR) Valdarno, + 8’26”
7. Marianne Vos (NED) Netherlands, + 9’32”
8. Tatiana Antoshina (RUS) Valdarno, + 12’05”
9. Olga Zabelinskaya (RUS) Safi Pasta Zara, + 23’03”
10. Elena Berlato (ITA) Top Girls, + 25’47”

There’s a great profile of Mara Abbott here, by Cicloweb, who’ve been the best source of news for the whole race – and if you don’t beleive me that this is the most beautiful race out there, check out CJ Farquharson’s photos of the stage.  She takes the greatest photos of women’s racing (you’ll have seen them if you ever look at the women’s racing reports on the cycling websites, when they bother) – check out her site, and have the races come alive!

As ever, if you have any questions, you can ask me on twitter – and thanks again to Simon for blog-space – I appreciate it!


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The Spaz is getting all excited over her new french fancies!!! Check out her rubbish grubby blog here.

Ian and Nicks GRAN FONDO RIDE 29th AUGUST 2010

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Under the wonderful banner of LAMBSTRONG my good friends Ian and Nick are organising a big group ride on the 29th August if anyone would like to join in and ride with a great bunch of people. Both of them can be contacted through twitter or if you don’t use twitter please feel free to email me and I’ll pass on your details. I’ll pass you over to Ian to explain the details.

GF lamb

Ever wondered what your twitter friends really looked like? Want to know if they used the best picture they had of themselves for their avatar? Or do you just fancy a ride with some nice people? If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, then YOU are invited to come and ride the first Gran Fondo Lambstrong. It’ll be a 110-ish km social ride around the rolling countryside of leicestershire on sunday 29th august – that’s bank holiday weekend. The ride isn’t a sportif or a race, just a social gathering to enjoy some good riding, good company and a beer and lunch afterwards. The plan is this: we’ll meet at the griffin inn in swithland where we’ll be able to park up and (if i can arrange it) use the facilities. We’ll then ride out through the rolling countryside of england’s smallest county, rutland and around england’s largest man-made lake. we’ll stop for coffee and a cake at the cafe on it shore (right next to rutland cycling) before heading back. there will be plenty of chances for more stops or to cut the ride short if you don’t fancy the whole thing. Leicestershire was chosen for both its central location and because the hills shouldn’t be too much for anyone. There is an etape hotel pretty close-by where a couple of people are planning on staying the night before. It is also leicester’s sky-ride the following day if anyone fancies hanging around for that… We’ll finish the ride back at the pub in time for their excellent sunday lunch. i’ll book tables in advance once we know who is coming. There will be no entry fee, no marshalls, no support, no timing chips, no attitude. there will be decent food, stylish riding and sunshine* get in touch on twitter if you fancy it.

ian and nick 


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Neanche il tempo di affondare le prime pedalate della 7^frazione del Tour de France (Tournus-Station des Rousses, 165,5 km) e Danilo Hondo era già in fuga, al seguito dell’attacco di Pineau e in compagnia di Knees, Dumoulin e Perez. Il buon accordo tra i fuggitivi ha permesso all’azione di guadagnare un margine massimo di 9’ minuti, divario che ha consentito a Hondo e Pineau di rimanere in testa alla corsa fino alle prime rampe della salita finale verso la Station des Rousses (14 km di ascesa).
Battaglia anche dietro alla fuga, con Voeckler a promuovere un attacco sulla penultima ascesa del Col de la Croix de la Serra e Cunego a seguire il francese assieme a uno sparuto gruppo di atleti, tra i quali Chavanel e Garate; in tale drappello, una volta raggiunto il duo Hondo-Pineau, è iniziata una serie di scatti che ha portato Chavanel in solitaria verso il traguardo per conquistare la 2^ vittoria al Tour 2010.
Cunego ha provato a utilizzare le residue energie per raggiungere il francese, ma ha dovuto desistere dall’inseguimento, terminando poi in 43^ posizione a 3’07” dal vincitore. La maglia gialla è passata sulle spalle di Chavanel.

“Sapevo che era una tappa nella quale potevo cercare la vittoria, quindi quando si è presentata l’occasione giusta per uscire dal gruppo non ho tentennato – ha spiegato Cunego – Ho poi provato ad allungare in un paio di occasioni, guadagnando inizialmente terreno per poi venir raggiunto dagli altri fuggitivi. Quando Chavanel è partito a gran velocità, ero un po’ sulla difensiva e il forcing finale è stato davvero impegnativo: non potendo più puntare a un risultato di prestigio, negli ultimi metri non ho più forzato. Domani la corsa, con l’arrivo a Morzine, sarà ancora più dura, gli uomini di classifica si daranno battaglia: vedremo se sarà possibile provare qualcosa, se non sarà a Morzine, proverò in altre occasioni, anche perché sono convinto che la mia condizione è in crescita. Devo provare a mitigare la delusione per non aver centrato oggi il risultato con una bella prestazione”.

Questo il commento del ds Piovani: “Hondo stamane aveva previsto un attacco da parte i Pineau e così ha prestato molta attenzione alle mosse del corridore francese, seguendolo nella fuga che ha caratterizzato la tappa. L’obiettivo di Danilo era quello di tentare di rimanere in avanscoperta il più possibile, così da poter aiutare Cunego sulla salita finale e fornirgli un punto di riferimento: quando è stato raggiunto da Damiano, Hondo ha effettivamente scandito il ritmo per un paio di chilometri, ma Chavanel non è stato più raggiungibile”.

The 7th stage of Tour de France (Tournus-Station des Rousses, 165,5 km) had just begun and Danilo Hondo was already in the breakaway born thanks to the attack by Pineau. With them, there were also Knees, Dumoulin and Perez and they all pedalled in harmony getting a top advantage of 9’ on the bunch, gap that allowed Hondo and Pineau, the last to surrender, to be in the head of the race until the early kilometres of the last climb to the arrival. Behind the attackers, hard battle with an attack by Voeckler at the beginning of the Col de la Crix de la Serra, action joined by Cunego too and by some other riders (including Chavanel and Garate). When this group reached the duo Hondo-Pineau, Chavanel attacked and, despite the efforts of the other cyclists (Cunego tried twice to chase him) he reached lonely the arrival. Cunego, after having tried to join Chavanel, saved in the last meters his energies and crossed the finish line in 43rd position at 3’07” to the winner, who’s also the new yellow jersey. The leadership of the overall standing changed and now the yellow jersey is Chavanel.

“I knew that this stage was a good chance for me to trying to get a good result, so when I Voeckler attacked I understand that it was the good moment for escape from the bunch – Cunego explained – Then, I tried to attack but every time my opponents rejoined me and then, when Chavanel performed his action, I was not so brilliant any more. Tomorrow the stage with Morzine arrival will be very tough, also because the top riders will battle for the yellow jersey: if it won’t be possible to perform some attack there, I’ll try again in the next stages knowing that my fit will increase. I need to decrease the disappointment for today stage with a good performance”.

This is the comment by sport director Piovani: “This morning Hondo told me that Pineau would have attack and so he did: Hondo was paying attention to him and he could get into the breakaway. Danilo’s target was going on as much as possible in order to help later Cunego on the last climb: when he was joined by Damiano, Hondo supported him for two kilometres, but Chavanel was no more reachable”.

sito internet:


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100% of proceeds go to Right To Play!

This t-shirt was made as a joke on the wordplay Livestrong/Lambstrong, as a good friend of mines surname is ‘Lamb’. To understand it completely you would have to know everyone involved – but there is no harm meant to anyone, and Mr Lamb and everyone else involved is very happy to see this being used to raise money for Right To Play.
These have signed it:

Tom Boonen (Quick Step), Kurt Asle Arvesen (Team Sky), Bernhard Eisel (HTC-Columbia), Roger Hammond (Cervèlo TestTeam), Gabriel Rasch (Cervèlo TestTeam),Ricardo Van Der Velde (Garmin – Transitions), Steven Cozza (Garmin – Transitions), Robbie McEwen (Katusha), Filippo Pozzato (Katusha), Tyler Farrar (Garmin – Transitions), Greg Henderson (Team Sky), Matti Breschel (SaxoBank), Marco Bandiere (Katusha), Tom Stamsnijder (Rabobank), Jens Mouris (Vacansoleil), Wouter Mol(Vacansoleil), Damien Gaudin (BBox-Bouyges Telecom), Hayden Roulston (HTC-Columbia), Martin Velits (HTC-Columbia), Michael Barry (Team Sky), Adam Hansen (HTC-Columbia), Martin Reimer (Cervèlo TestTeam), Frederik Wilmann (Skil-Shimano), Thor Hushovd (Cervèlo TestTeam), Alexander Kristoff (BMC) and Edvald Boasson Hagen(Team Sky).

(Wilmann, Hushovd, Kristoff & Boasson Hagen’s autographs are not on the t-shirt in the pictue as they signed it during the Norwegian National Championship, which was after the picture was taken.)

The auction is only 5 days CLICK HERE!!!!